Vanilla 1519

Vanilla 1519


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Everyone loves a vanilla candle that has the best throw and you deserve a unique smell to fill your space. Armler's Vanilla 1519 has a smooth smoky aroma that puts your mood and area in a very relaxing, elegant, and authentic ambiance thanks to the infused tobacco.

Why 1519?  In 1519, it is believed that Hernando Cortes was served a beverage mixture of cocoa and vanilla by Aztec Emperor Montezuma, most likely the xocolatl. Both flavors were so well received by the Spanish conqueror that he brought the cocoa and vanilla beverage back to Europe as a treasure from the New World. Europeans quickly fell in love with vanilla and found that it could be used in a wide variety of recipes and beverages. They imported the cured vanilla beans from Mexico until the mid-1800s as a luxury spice for the elite class.